Should I Send People Word Documents?

In a word… NO.

Microsoft Word produces typographically ugly documents, and the Office 365 suite consumes many gigabytes of space on your disk, but it’s your choice to use this tool if you like. Just please, please export it to something that works on any platform, like a PDF file.

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Comcast: Making Customers Cry Since 1963

Yeah… I’m looking at you, Comcast. I had been keeping my “basic” cable and Internet service for a reason, and that reason is that you suck. My girlfriend couldn’t stand your basic cable service any more, though, and so she finally upgraded us to digital HD cable. Continue reading “Comcast: Making Customers Cry Since 1963”

Why I Hate the Prius

My 2009 Toyota Prius (Rental)

After having the misfortune of selecting a (2009) Toyota Prius when I needed to rent a vehicle for three weeks, I have come to the conclusion that the Prius is the single worst vehicle ever inflicted on mankind. This vehicle — and no other — provided me with the most horrible driving experience I’ve ever had… and I’ve owned a 1992 Saturn SL1. If you want to know my opinion of what was wrong with this car, dive in and find out!

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