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Do you know what I like the most about links? They don’t take up any space in my home directory. The purpose of this page is basically so that I can keep track of all the links that I use on a daily basis (or one’s that I might visit randomly). If you find something interesting here, that’s great; if you think there’s something I should check out, let me know.

My most-travelled links:

  • Wikipedia - First and foremost. Hand’s down, this is my most visited site. Sometimes I look up one article, then tangentially move from topic to topic. It’s a great way to learn something and waste time. Occasionaly, I will edit content on this site, as well!
  • BBC News - News that does’t attempt to tell me what my opinion is.
  • Britney Spears Physics - An enlightening guide to semiconductor physics from Britney herself. You will learn.
  • IMDB - I find out anything I want about movies, TV shows, and cast members here. I will see just about any movie once.
  • The Hubble Telescope - It often has some amazing photographs to browse through. Sometimes I decorate my office with our universe.
  • Slashdot - Slanted geekish news stories.
  • US Naval Observatory - This is the clock you should use to set your watch.
  • People with strong opinions…
    • Ebert - Sometimes right, sometimes crazy. I like him because he appreciates a nice dumb movie every once in a while. As a critic, I think you have to judge a movie based on what it’s supposed to be, not compare it to the greatest movies ever made.
    • The Filthy Critic - Bad movies get only one finger: guess which one.
    • The Best Page in the Universe - Beside this one, of course.


    Japanese is a totally different culture from any other in the world.

  • Asahi Shinbun - A newspaper in Japanese
  • - Get a Japanese penpal, learn about Japan, and do other exciting things.
  • Sasuga Japanese Bookstore - Purchase Japanese books online (or in person at Porter Square, Cambridge) — after many years, they went out of business in July 2010. I will miss them.


  • Rational - I worked for Rational, find out about them.
    • ClearCase - I worked in the ClearCase for Windows group.
    • WebDAV - An extension to HTTP for transferring files.
    • Delta-V - Version control extensions for WebDAV.
  • UNIX - Simple and powerful… especially considering it’s about 30 years old now.
    • The Open Group - If you’re unfamiliar with UNIX, you should know that there used to be many permutations of the OS, and each one behaved slighly, frustratingly, differently. The Open Group is a group that was instrumental in trying to set up standards for all flavors of UNIX to follow.
    • Tru64 UNIX - I don’t even know if they make Alphas any more, but if they did, they would run on this.
    • SCO UNIXWare - A UNIX operating system for the PC, how novel.
    • HP-UX - Pronounced “H Pucks.”
    • Irix (at SGI) - I love SGIs. Too bad I’ll never be able to afford one.
    • Solaris - One of the most popular UNIX varieties around today.
    • AIX - Lovingly pronounced "aches," but it’s actually a pretty decent OS. I probably worked with this version the most, and I have no complaints.
  • Freeware - Gotta love free stuff.
    • Gentoo - This is my Linux distro of choice. I like it because it doesn’t impose any structure on you. You can set your machine up to use Gnome, KDE, both, neither… whatever you like. The downside is that it can be a very labor-intensive OS to set up.
    • Linux Kernels - I often upgrade to the latest kernel — especially when using newer hardware.
    • GNU - Makers of the greatest program of all time, Emacs.
    • Linux - Don’t like Gentoo Linux? Try some others.
    • CheapBytes - Hard copies of free stuff for cheap. Frankly, this was a lot more useful when I only had a 14.4kbps modem for downloads.
    • SourceForge - Lots of freeware projects to download (and most are looking for contributors, too).
    • Freshmeat - Even more free software goodies.
  • Microsoft Windows - I like Windows NT, and 2000, XP, and Vista all use the same basic kernel. Contrary to Apple commercials, the only thing that has caused Windows to freeze for me has been badly malfunctioning hardware, or when I mess around with kernel drivers.

Programming Langauges:

  • C and C++ - It’s flawed, but it&rquot;s still my language of choice.
    • ANSI - Find out everything you never wanted to know about C and C++ (you have to pay for standards publications, though).
    • STL - I love reusable code.
    • Boost - This C++ template library has some nice structures for managing dynamic memory allocation and minimizing OS compatibility issues.
  • Java SDK Documentation - This is almost as good as having the documentation on your computer — and it takes much less space.
  • Erlang - This is a great little functional programming language that strives to make multi-threaded and networking problems trivial.


  • Gibson - Slick looking and great sounding acoustic and electric guitars. I sold the Tele to get a Les Paul.
  • Martin - I think these are the best sounding acoustic guitars. I have a D-1.
  • Fender - Innovative, quality electric guitars. I used to have a Telecaster.
  • OLGA - Guitarists listen to their favorite songs and write down their best guess of how they are played. This is a good place to learn songs if you don’t have the time to transcribe a song yourself. The major record companies have decided that people figuring out how to play a song on their guitar cuts into their profits, and has sued OLGA to shut down the site. This is why I will never buy anything unless it comes from an indipendent label.


    Since the early days, man has dreamed of flight and blah, blah, blah&ellip;

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator - I’ve been using this program since version 2, in the 1980’s. It’s come a long way from the polygon graphics that dominated the game back then.
  • Federal Aviation Administration - Aerial equivalent of the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
  • Cessna - An excellent small aircraft manufacturer.
  • Boeing - You’re flying with the big boys now, son.


Freeze time.

  • Lieca - This is my camera of choice. Rangefinders are a bit arcane, but they allow lenses to have fantastic performance, and shutter noise completely disappears.
  • Nikon - I love my Nikon, and you will too!
  • Hasselblad - These are some of the finest cameras around, and with the medium format film, you capture massive amounts of information.


  • The Red Sox - Tickets are way too expensive, but at least now I get NESN (New England Sports Network- a pay channel that broadcasts almost all of the Red Sox games).
  • Fantasy Baseball - I hate this crap, but some people seem to like it. It’s too time consuming for me.


    We’re all going to be very warm, and very submerged if we don’t start thinking ahead.

  • Solar Powered Houses - If you could pretty much power your whole house for free, why wouldn’t you?
  • Earth’s Energy Crisis - We don’t have much fossil fuel left on Earth. Take a look into the future…


  • ASIMO - The robot that moves like a real human being
  • Fitness Online - Stay in shape! America is the fattest nation of all time.

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